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Carpet Cleaner Lincoln Did you know that 50% of the soiling in a carpet is actually dry soiling, including hair, dust, dirt, food etc and, carpets can contain more germs than a toilet seat?!  Yuck!!
Zero Dry Lincs amazing DRY carpet cleaning system is the perfect solution for cleaning and sanitising your carpets.  The 3 stage cleaning process lifts the pile making it easier to remove dry soiling from deep within the carpet pile, then our environmentally friendly products gently clean and sanitise the carpet pile, removing stubborn stains and bacteria.
The end result is very clean, fresh, sanitised carpets. There's no drying time, no horrible 'wet dog' smell and, best of all, carpets can be walked on straight away!


We provide our DRY carpet cleaning service in Sleaford, and throughout Lincolnshire, including carpet cleaning in Lincoln, Grantham and Newark

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