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Customer Stories

We like to take an interest in our customers and their properties so, to make a rather boring topic, and lets face it, cleaning is not exciting(!!), a little more interesting, we’ve included a bit of background to a few of our before and after photos.

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An Oily Mess

An elderly gentleman had a stair lift installed by a well known company.

Unfortunately, the people installing the stair lift forgot to install the cap that prevents the oily black lubricant from falling on the carpet.


End of Tenancy

Typically, some of the worst carpets we see are after a tenant leaves a property.

This carpet isn’t the worst we’ve seen, but not a great way to live…


It’s Not Just Carpets…

Deep clean and protect yout high As well as dry cleaning carpets, we also deep clean grout and tile.

Combine our friendly service with the right equipment and your tile and grout will look almost as good as new.

Worn Leather

Leather is fantastic, and good leather will last a long time.

The lovely leather suite was getting a little worn from regular use, but now has a few more years left in it…


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